Perilous Gaming was created with UK esports at the forefront of our intentions. We are passionate about creating an environment that allows gamers of all levels to play and compete to their own ideal, whilst supporting the development of esports in the UK with a financially sustainable model.


We have always made a huge effort toward assisting the grassroots scenes within the UK in multiple games and pursuits. Whether it be players as individuals or teams, or people looking more toward support staff roles (coaches, management, content creators etc).

Throughout our time, and even with success we have never changed our appraoch. We believe it is the backbone to the whole of esports. Not only are these players the talent of the future, but the interested parties who watch and consume the content that helps the whole industry continue to move forward so rapidly.

We always house multiple players and teams of many different ability levels to mentor and nurture with a support structure to allow each and every one to focus on their goals. It is with this mindset that has helped us create, find and progress talent from a beginners level to event contenders and champions. As well as much more.

Grassroots is something we will continue to provide for, and going forward only look to expand our departments with more resources and focus than ever before. We will be working closely with local Universities and Colleges to ensure the development is as strong as it would be for any other career choice.

Path to Pro

As mentioned throughout our efforts into the development of grassroots, there are a lot of aspiring stars. Unfortunately like many endeavors┬áin the world, not everyone can make it. Some do and some don’t. While we initially offer the same support and backing to everyone, some circumstances, whether it be players or teams, deserve a little more and we do everything we can to help whether financially or through our support network.

Over the years, we have supplied lots of talent with further opportunities and in some have been a step on the ladder for those who have that star inside who have gone on to do great things.

We hope one day we will be right up there housing pro players, as well as competing against some of the familiar faces who have spent time with the Perilous brand, but either way we will continue in our efforts to assist in any way we can.

Our Logo History

In our time within esports, we have constantly been developing our brand and with it we have adapted and changed our logo while maintaining our identity of the perilous hand throughout. It is with this intact that we feel gives us a strong connection to the community being easily recognised throughout a multitude of scenes, even when games adapt or come and go.