Perilous Gaming

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Brand Guidelines

Main Logo

Our preference when using our brand is to use our main logo where possible. It is the best option to highlight the main components we are working hard to promote; the hand, the colours, the team name and our date of establishment.

The Hand

We preferably only use the hand logo for icons. In any circumstances this might be used, we ask this only be used when 'Perilous Gaming' is specifically named in pairing to clarify exactly who and what the hand represents.

Wide Logo

In some print where square space isn't an option we allow the use of the above on a last resort basis. As above though, we always prefer the use of the main logo in print with the name.

Colour Palette

  • Hex: #CA252B
  • RGB: 202 37 43
  • CMYK: 0 82 79 21
  • Hex: #16211F
  • RGB: 22 33 31
  • CMYK: 33 0 6 87
  • Hex: #D8DCDB
  • RGB: 216 220 219
  • CMYK: 2 0 0 14


We use the same font type across all of our media where possible, we ask you to do the same when referring to the Perilous Gaming brand, particulary if in conjunction with ‘the hand’ logo.




  • Follow our guidelines.
  • Maintain the shape and size of all logos and icons.
  • Try your best to preference the full logo.
  • Submit artwork for approval hen possible.
  • Assert rights over the brand in any way shape or form.
  • Modify the brand assets in any way.
  • Stretch, skew or distort the logo or name.
  • Imply any partnership, sponsorship or affiliation unless specifically permitted.