Albion 3 Pools Complete

Albion 3 kicked off yesterday and Yackabean was in action, while celebrating his 2 year anniversary, in a total of 4 games in his D3 pools. The results as shown below do mean Yackabean is through to the next stage (top 64), but the single loss also means he has now spent his lifeline and any further losses will see him drop out of the competition.

WinSSB4Perilous Yackabean2vs1Hound DGDat Team - Albion 314.07.18
LossSSB4Perilous Yackabean0vs2ELs The FlowDat Team - Albion 314.07.18
WinSSB4Perilous Yackabean2vs1ΩDat Team - Albion 314.07.18
WinSSB4Perilous Yackabean2vs0HoneyWobblesDat Team - Albion 314.07.18

The top 64 bracket starts in just over 2 hours from now (scheduled midday) live from London and Yackabean starts against azreal. He knows things won’t be easy and has his back against the wall, but will look to start strong this afternoon to try and battle back through that lower bracket like we all know he can.

If he is to make it as far as he did at Albion 2 he has to win another 4 consecutive matches. Anything more would see him finish even higher than last year. However starting with a worse seed this time around and with fewer entrants to school has meant less games and less opportunity with a more difficult field of opposition.

If we know Yackabean though, he certainly won’t be making excuses, he’ll switch on, turn up and look to take down some scalps like he did last year. Especially with Smash Ultimate coming soon, and this being widely considered as one of the last big competitions in Europe in this version of the game.

An overview of the games from Albion 2 last year are below and you can see the journey that was taken.

LossSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs3RamsesDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs1ShidoDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs1PefoDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0LC WillzDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0SB GrekmetDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
LossSSBPerilous Yackabean0vs2TCL zycloneDat Team - Albion 202.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0LavlisDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0NIGRUMZDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0LF spacemanDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0AuraDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0WM DarkedgeDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0vS FabzDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs0SDB SimperheveDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
WinSSBPerilous Yackabean2vs1adomDat Team - Albion 201.07.17
LossSSBPerilous Yackabean0vs2OursOuzbekDat Team - Albion 201.07.17

We wish him luck and will be watching the games intensely with every finger and toe crossed.

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