Crisis Averted

The team have arrived at epic23 on Thursday night and were setup and ready for a night of practice. Well, that was the plan anyway. As ever having traveled far and wide from all over the country, upon setting up and sitting down, oftentimes there are issues. Luckily it didn’t seem to be hardware related but team captain NellyJ did have an issue with the game staying open for more than 5 seconds!

With a scheduled night of practice games and VAL online tournament commitments, the team had to start off without their captain as the issues were resolved. Happily it only took 1 game and with the assistance of epicLAN staff and admins, the issue was fixed. NellyJ was back and ready to lead his team to a 16-8 victory in their second VAL game, having just missed out on the first 14-16.

Fast forward a night of sleep at the nearby Airbnb, the team have turned up, warmed up and are awaiting the groups and fixtures to be announced having seemingly been given the 16th seed (tbc).

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