Epic23 Bound

The Epic staff have already swooped down into Kettering and have setup ready for the masses, and we are only moments away before the doors open in preparation for competition at the home of EpicLAN for the first time in 2018.

Last year we had much success throughout the year at EpicLAN with multiple Dota2 teams in attendance, most notably Perilous Ruin with back to back victories. However this year is the time of Counter Strike and our brand new Perilous Fury roster. The event is somewhat a watershed moment for many of the players in the team too. The young roster who have yet to dip their toes into the LAN waters rightly anticipate that Epic will be a challenge, but they are looking forward to cause an upset or two and gain some much valued competition experience.

Unfortunately however, the whole line up won’t be in attendance due to previously arranged events elsewhere for LuX but the rest of the team will attend with the help of a stand in as follows:

  • Neilson Jude-Walker – NellyJ – Leader
  • Jake Miller – PannDaa – Awper
  • James Barry – canefis – Rifler
  • Theo Barefoot – Chill – Support
  • Jamie White – Wrinkles – Stand-in

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all of the fixtures, results and standings as and when they occur, so make sure you keep checking back with our new special event based homepage to the information at your fingers.

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