Furious Last Stand

There’s no easy way to talk about being knocked out of a competition, but when you have a young roster with inexperienced players who have taken so many rounds off veterans within the scene and make it through the groups in difficult circumstances (all with the use of a stand in), you can still take plenty of positives.

A nail biter of a finish came with a 3rd overtime 23-25 loss to FAB who proceed.

The team performed admirably and will learn from their experience and use it to help throughout the remainder of the ESEA Open & VAL online seasons while we plot our course for the future.

The team finished 13th~ with the following results:

LossCSGOPerilous Fury23vs25FABepic23Details24.02.18
LossCSGOPerilous Fury0vs2Bulldog Mixepic23Details23.02.18
WinCSGOPerilous Fury1vs0BYEepic23Details23.02.18
WinCSGOPerilous Fury1vs0BYEepic23Details23.02.18
WinCSGOPerilous Fury16vs9gamevibeepic23Details23.02.18
WinCSGOPerilous Fury16vs8gamevibeepic23Details23.02.18
LossCSGOPerilous Fury12vs16ProjectXepic23Details23.02.18
LossCSGOPerilous Fury4vs16ProjectXepic23Details23.02.18

We will have some further interview with the players regarding the event once they’ve had time to take in the event, but as always a big thank you to epicLAN who always put on a fantastic show, and we look forward to competing there again soon!


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