VAL CSGO Championship League

As Perilous Fury continue their battle through ESEA Open, and have their sights set on the upcoming Epic LAN, they are also due to start in the VAL CSGO Championship.

Much like when they recently joined, the team are still fairly new as a five, but are continuing to put in the work and learn the maps together and develop the teamwork to progress through the levels of the UK scene. VAL is a fantastic opportunity for that with 2 matches a week in a 14 team division, the team will get regular practice against other like minded folk.

We have been placed into group one as follows:

The games don’t have a set weekly time slot, but we will keep everyone up to date s and when they are arranges. We are also planning to have some of the matches streamed with commentary so you can follow their progress, as well as potentially a few point of view streams of the players throughout. If you do miss the games though, we will as always update all of our social media channels and have a brand new results page if you miss out.


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