Interview – Fabled

Hey Kyran, most people here are going to know you by Fabled from your multiple exploits in Dota2, but what are your earliest memories of games, where did it all begin? It all began when I was like six or seven actually. My uncle introduced me to Need for Speed and Ratchet and Clank, two […]

Interview – Yackabean

Hey Jack! Many people will know you as Yackabean from your exploits in SMASH but where did it all start with you playing games in general? It started when I was a child. I grew up playing mostly Nintendo with my family with fond memories of playing SNES. I was fascinated by the worlds I […]

Roster Update – Perilous RAZE

It is time to kick off a bunch of different roster changes and team news we have lined up, starting with some sweet Dota2. Last year we had a lot of success in the game with both Perilous RUIN and Perilous RAZE attending multiple events and being active online throughout the year. Since the turn […]

Furious Last Stand

There’s no easy way to talk about being knocked out of a competition, but when you have a young roster with inexperienced players who have taken so many rounds off veterans within the scene and make it through the groups in difficult circumstances (all with the use of a stand in), you can still take […]

Groups Complete – Nearly

Epic 23 is now in full flow after much deliberation this morning about seedings and groups. We previously reported that Perilous Fury looked set to get a 16th seed, but they ended up just on the outside. With the final signups being stuck on 30 teams, brackets always become a little awkward when whittling down […]

Crisis Averted

The team have arrived at epic23 on Thursday night and were setup and ready for a night of practice. Well, that was the plan anyway. As ever having traveled far and wide from all over the country, upon setting up and sitting down, oftentimes there are issues. Luckily it didn’t seem to be hardware related […]

Epic23 Bound

The Epic staff have already swooped down into Kettering and have setup ready for the masses, and we are only moments away before the doors open in preparation for competition at the home of EpicLAN for the first time in 2018. Last year we had much success throughout the year at EpicLAN with multiple Dota2 […]

VAL CSGO Championship League

As Perilous Fury continue their battle through ESEA Open, and have their sights set on the upcoming Epic LAN, they are also due to start in the VAL CSGO Championship. Much like when they recently joined, the team are still fairly new as a five, but are continuing to put in the work and learn […]

A New Venture With A New Battalion

A new website, followed by a new team. What now? How about a new team in a new game. Welcome our very first team for Battalion 1944. Perilous founding manager Mick had the following to say: We are always looking for new opportunities in new titles, and with the unquestionable hype surrounding Battalion 1944 it […]

Back To CSGO With Fury

Starting with a new website, it’s always good to have some team news to go along with it, especially when it is getting back involved with Counter Strike. Back where Perilous began. Perilous founding manager Mick had this to say about the new acquisition: We are really excited to be back involved with the UK […]