A New Venture With A New Battalion

A new website, followed by a new team. What now? How about a new team in a new game. Welcome our very first team for Battalion 1944.

Perilous founding manager Mick had the following to say:

We are always looking for new opportunities in new titles, and with the unquestionable hype surrounding Battalion 1944 it was a no-brainer to get involved early. The player base seems to be in a majority those with a COD background which is something we have never been involved with, but always had an eye on. The scene was crying out to get back to their roots with earlier world war related gameplay rather than the more modern warfare style as of late. With that in mind, and our focus on supporting grassroots and get back to our own original mindset, it was just about finding the right set of players to begin our new venture into a new community and this lineup fits that perfectly.

The landscape is yet to settle and the team have already hit the ground running organising scrims and team practice in the hectic release. We are very excited to see how things pan out over the upcoming months.

With the game having their early access launch yesterday the new lineup is our first dip into the water of  Battalion 1944. The team itself is full of faces who have had varying levels of success across a multitude of games within UK esports, but they’re not wasting their time to try and get ahead of the curve a build a name for themselves. The team are hitting the ground running with their first look at tournament play this weekend in the Blitzkrieg Battle.

The lineup is as follows:

  • Katherine Bellingham – Kaybee – IGL
  • Nathan Cozens – ndcz – Rifleman/Heavy
  • Dominik Karas – rixie – Marksman
  • Joss Payne – thesilverfox – Pathfinder/Heavy
  • Jak Howard – how1e- – Mixed

Upon joining team leader Kaybee had the following to say:

With Battalion being a new game returning to a genre and style we adored, we’re excited to get started! We’re thankful to Perilous for supporting the team in such a new game with an equally new team. With the team being entirely based in the UK, a core principle with the team was to try and get involved with the UK esports scene as much as possible during these early months of the game. It’s no secret that the UK has been fairly quiet in terms of success in esports, from both orgs and teams alike. Hopefully we can do Perilous and the UK esports scene proud and turn over some decent results at future LANs and online competitions.

Short term goals for the team are to get some chemistry going through scrims and hopefully to get some solid placings on the board for some of the earlier tournaments, as mentioned the game is extremely young so it’s likely there will be some bumps along the way with updates and developments to the meta but all the guys involved are excited and determined to make the best of the early access release. We plan to start attending LANs as soon as possible and it’s a great opportunity for a new start and I’m ecstatic that Perilous have given us the platform to rise above the crowd while providing a great morale boost and some early stability to the team. It’s great to find an org who’s belief for grassroots esports lines up with ours.


The team will be pumping out content soon and their very first tournament is tomorrow in the Blitzkrieg Battle hosted by The Plays and we can’t wait to see the team in action.

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