Roster Update – Perilous RAZE

It is time to kick off a bunch of different roster changes and team news we have lined up, starting with some sweet Dota2.

Last year we had a lot of success in the game with both Perilous RUIN and Perilous RAZE attending multiple events and being active online throughout the year. Since the turn of 2018, and team changes being made, we have yet to make a Dota2 appearance. Now is the time of the new Perilous RAZE and the roster is as follows:

  • Jordan Sharp – Jaspooks – Carry
  • Lewis Ford – Lu – Mid
  • Jacob Hallam – Mev – Offlane
  • Kyran Pledger – Fabled – Support
  • Jackson Parr – JP – Support

Team captain Fabled had the following to say on his return to the line-up:

Perilous has always seemed like a second home to me and I’m very grateful to be given the chance to play for the organisation once again. I believe Perilous can give us the support and the room to grow to ensure that we expand and develop as an academy team should. I went to my first LAN with Perilous Gaming, I believe it’s only right that the four players around me should do the same.

Perilous founding manager Mick stated this upon the arrangement:

Honestly, Dota2 is a game where we have had so much success, but it is a scene that gets so little credit here in the UK. However in the wake of major announcements and tickets selling so fast, it’s very clear to see the passion that we have within our Isles. With all of that excitement in mind I couldn’t have been happier when I got a message notification pop up from Kyran.

After a brief chat and a catch up, it was clear we both knew where we stood and the decision was made and I can’t wait to follow their progression as they make a name for themselves in a well respected team.

The team set their sights on the next Epic LAN as well as the many online competitions they have coming up. Make sure you check back for more team news coming soon, as well as following the guys!

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