Website Soft Launch 2018

Welcome to 2018 and the new, but possibly old looking website of Perilous Gaming. The keen eyes of some of you might realise we have taken some of the design aspects back to the website before last, however with the newer functionality intact on the backend that caused the initial change.

The launch is very much in brief as of now and there is a lot of information to be added regarding old news, awards and teams & transfers from the whole of our 10 year history. Changes are currently being made daily but any bigger changes will be announced on their own to ensure everyone is up to date.

As the 2018 season is just ramping up, we feel we needed to launch in order to give our players and teams a home and base of information, as well as making sure everyone could keep track of their progress. As ever in UK esports we have a heavily based volunteer staff and time can sometimes be tight, but we have made huge developments in the past fortnight and will be launching more news soon.

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