Yackabean 2 Year Anniversary

The Smash community is getting ready to focus on Albion 3, one of the last big tournaments hosting the current iteration of Smash before Ultimate comes along, and it includes our very own Jack ‘Yackabean’ Payne. He has started his travel down to London today from Scotland and will be focusing on the game leading into the weekend, but he is also celebrating a solid 2 years with Perilous!

In a recent interview Yackabean told us how he became involved with Smash, touched upon his slight absence of travel last year and where his mindset is right now.

He also helped pave way to our FGC (Fighting Game Community) division as our first dedicated player in an FGC game. He has since dominated his local/national scene with multiple victories in weekly & monthly tournaments and has certainly played his part in turning up to European competitions.

PositionNameGameEventEvent TypeDate
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANJun 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Abertay Smash - MonthlyLANMay 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANMay 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANApr 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANFeb 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Rebirth #49LANJan 18
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANNov 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - Oktoberfist 5LANOct 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Super Rebirth #1LANAug 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4BattlefieldGG - Big Battlefield Glasgow SummerLANJul 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANJun 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Rebirth #30LANMar 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANFeb 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Rebirth #27LANFeb 17
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANDec 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4SOSLANNov 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANOct 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANSep 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Rebirth #14LANAug 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANJul 16
1stPerilous YackabeanSSB4Contraband Sm4shLANJul 16
2ndPerilous YackabeanSSB4BattlefieldGG - Big Battlefield Glasgow WinterLANJan 17
2ndPerilous YackabeanSSB4GATK - MonthlyLANAug 16
3rdPerilous YackabeanSSBMGATK - MonthlyLANMay 17
3rdPerilous YackabeanSSB4VersusScotland - Hypespotting 6LANApr 17
3rdPerilous YackabeanSSBMGATK - MonthlyLANNov 16
5th~Perilous YackabeanSSB4Celtic Throwdown - CT2017LANSep 17
7th~Perilous YackabeanSSBPMRebirth #27LANFeb 17
7th~Perilous YackabeanSSBPMRebirth #14LANAug 16
9th~Perilous YackabeanSSBMDundee MonthlyLANApr 17
9th~Perilous YackabeanSSBALRebirth #14LANAug 16
13th~Perilous YackabeanSSB4DAT Team - Albion 2LANJul 17

No doubt Yackabean is aiming to get Top 16 as he did last Albion, but he doesn’t want to stop there. This is what he had to say to mark his anniversary here with us before the event:

It’s been slightly under a year since I’ve left Scotland again. The Albion series is established to be the largest Smash event within the UK and it definitely shows with talents from all over Europe travelling over! I’m hoping to give just as strong as a performance I did last year and hopefully get my runback on some new and old faces! I’m not entirely sure who I will be faced up with but I’ll gladly take on any opponent this weekend!

This will also be a great weekend to gauge my possibilities in the upcoming title Smash Ultimate! This is looking to be one of the last international events for Smash 4. Everything will unfold and we’ll see just how far we have all come including myself!

This week also marks my 2nd year at being with Perilous Gaming! The journey has been amazing and I am grateful for everything they have done. We have a lot of work underway for the future. I’d like to thank them for everything so far and I look forward to all our upcoming plans in this 3rd year!

We would like to thank Jack for his dedication so far, and look forward to his performance this weekend and in the upcoming years with a fresh looking Smash Ultimate!

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